Family Program Offerings

Family Program Offerings

Therapeutic Family Support

Receive individualized guidance from our Family Therapists

Your growth and development as a family is integral to the success of your child in our program and beyond. This is why we strive to provide robust family support throughout your child’s entire stay. These resources include access to a Ph.D or Master’s-level Family Therapist as well as other families in our program. Through weekly phone calls, the Parent Workshop, and our thoughtfully curated BRTW Parent Pathway materials, your Family Therapist will provide you with the guidance and resources to help your family thrive as a unit.

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Peer Support and Alumni Parent Mentors

We understand the importance of connection and camaraderie during your child’s stay in our program. In order to help families understand that they aren’t alone, Blue Ridge Therapeutic Wilderness offers parents with multiple opportunities to connect through phone calls, a private Facebook group, and the Parent Workshop.

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Sibling support, as needed

The work we do together has a direct impact on the whole family system. We recognize that, for many parents, there are other siblings involved in the family system. Your Family Therapist will support you in integrating the concepts you are learning not only with your child in the program, but also your other child(ren) at home. When appropriate we will offer sibling support on our family calls. Often parents report that they quickly notice improved emotional functioning with siblings once they begin using the tools they are learning from the Blue Ridge Family Program.

Parent Programming at Blue Ridge

Family Program Visits

Mid-program field visits, when appropriate

Our mid-program field visits are valuable experiences. They offer an opportunity to connect with your child, witness and demonstrate the skills you have all developed, and experience the wilderness of the Appalachian Mountains. Your Primary Therapist will recommend a field visit if it is indicated and will advise you on the most clinically appropriate timing to visit your child. Parents often pair this visit with our Parent Workshops, and report this as one of the most meaningful parts of the Family Program experience. Typically visits occur after the five week mark of your child’s program stay, but our treatment is individualized and your Therapist will make a recommendation based on what is clinically in your child’s best interest.

Parent Workshops at our base in Clayton, GA

Our Parent Workshops offer an in-person and integrative approach to the family programming. Facilitated by our licensed Family Therapists, we offer connection with other parents, education and opportunities to practice implementing healthy parenting approaches as well as small-group exercises. Set in the rolling hills of Clayton, this workshop also includes catered meals, meditation experiences, and yoga.

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Family Intensive

The Family Intensive is an optional 3-day experience between parents and child, facilitated by a Family Intensive Therapist and a Family Intensive Guide. Your family will join with your child in the woods and experience the wilderness as they have during their stay in our program. With the guidance of your therapist and guide we will explore family dynamics within a safe and nurturing environment. Parents report that this offers some of the most profound and meaningful connections with their child and partner. When recommended by your Primary Therapist, siblings are invited to the Family Intensive.

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Transition Program

Following a referral by your child’s Primary Therapist, your family may have the opportunity to reunite in the Transition Program. Transition is an opportunity to witness the growth your child has made while at Blue Ridge. The Transition Program involves spending two days and one night in the wilderness with your child. During this time, you will experience your child’s newfound emotional and physical resilience as they host you in the wilderness environment that they have learned to thrive in.

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Other Resources

Parent Portal

The Parent Portal is your line of communication with your child. Here, you will have private access to photos and letters of your child each week during their stay.

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Parent Pathway

The Parent Pathway is an online network of readings, lessons, and assignments for parents that has been thoughtfully curated by our Family Programs team. You will be able to access this information during and after your child’s stay at Blue Ridge.