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    Helping Families Thrive

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Highly individualized wilderness therapy programs

Located in the Blue Ridge mountains of North Georgia, Blue Ridge Therapeutic Wilderness is the leading nature-based therapy program to integrate a family systems approach, whole body health and wellness, and holistic, assessment driven, clinical treatment for troubled youth with anxiety, depression and other mental health challenges.


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"As a family, we are forever grateful."

"A year ago, our family was on the verge of collapse. For comfort, our beautiful daughter resorted to substances and quickly became addicted. We burned through 2 outpatient programs, 2 psychologists, 2 psychiatrists, and a drug counselor without success.

Finally, our daughter found healing and hope at Blue Ridge. Soon, my daughter found her voice and became a mentor to others. She is the first to tell people that Blue Ridge saved her life.

Today, she is so much healthier, physically and mentally. She graduated high school and is awaiting college admissions decisions. She is committed to her recovery and hit her 1-year anniversary. While she will continue to need support to navigate her life in recovery, I can honestly say, none of this would have been possible without the care she received at Blue Ridge. As a family, we are forever grateful."

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Why Blue ridge?

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Since 2002, our wilderness therapy programs have provided life-changing opportunities for struggling teens and young adults. As a privately-owned and owner-operated program, Blue Ridge Wilderness possesses the capacity to dedicate resources towards the curation of highly personalized, client-centric programming.

Our approach integrates an initial, thorough assessment, holistic wellness strategies, and tailored wilderness-based therapeutic interventions. These elements collectively serve to empower adolescents, young adults, and their families with the essential skills required to effectively address the complexities associated with conditions such as anxiety, depression, family conflicts, and other related challenges.

Why Blue Ridge?

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"Being in the wilderness gave me space and time to think about how I was showing up for relationships in my family."

Recent studies and data from the CDC suggest that social media and screen time have contributed to the youth mental health crisis in monumental ways. Our wilderness camps for troubled youth utilize a wilderness therapy model which creates the vital opportunity for a distraction-free environment. This outdoor therapeutic model generates space for young adults and teens to unplug from video games, screens, social media, and the stressors of life at home or school.

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"The moment you make fire for the first time is unlike anything I’ve ever felt. I felt powerful and capable... It may sound silly, but making fire also lit a fire inside of me."

Our wilderness therapy programs are rich with unique experiences and opportunities which instill true resilience and confidence in struggling youth. Students at Blue Ridge Therapeutic Wilderness can learn to cook whole foods, participate in daily movement, explore creative endeavors, engage in mindfulness and gratitude practices, and even earn academic credits while in the program.

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Wilderness Therapy Alum

“I’m incredibly grateful I attended Blue Ridge..."

"...In wilderness therapy, I learned that I had the the ability to be a stronger, more understanding, driven and empathetic person all along.”

Ben, Blue Ridge Alum '20

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