Precision Track

What is Precision Track?

  • Precision Track is Blue Ridge Wilderness' individualized, brief therapeutic immersion track for individuals and families. Offering custom therapeutic experiences for individuals and/or families in need of a reset.

The Blue Ridge Precision Track is designed to meet the needs of each client, and presents attendees the opportunity to slow down and experience the benefits of outdoor therapeutic treatment. Our precision track offers an opportunity for an individual (or a combination of an individual and their family) to dive into a particular issue, behavior, or relational dynamic which requires an immersive, targeted approach to thoroughly address.


We Offer:

  • Comprehensive screening and interview during the admissions process to ensure clients are provided with the highest level of targeted care and support during their time in the Precision Track program.
  • 3, 7 or 14 day-long tracks for an individual or family in need of an immersive therapeutic approach.
  • A dedicated 3 person team, including an experienced licensed clinician, who will provide a unique therapeutic experience.
  • Access to a customized therapeutic curriculum which clients may continue to use after their time in the program.
  • Physical and psychological evaluation upon enrollment as well as all lodging, gear and equipment necessary to be comfortable in the outdoor setting and focus on the individual’s deep therapeutic work.

"Precision was exactly what my client and his parents needed. The creativity and flexibility coupled with excellent clinical care provided a safe space for lots of healing and growth in a short time. I’m looking forward to having Precision either as a standalone or as a way to help clients ease in to wilderness with more confidence." -Therapeutic Consultant, '23