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Student Profile

We work with adolescents and young adults from the ages of 13-29. Outside of a small number of factors which may hinder a child’s eligibility to enroll with us, we strive to work with all participants in an inclusive and equitable manner, carefully considering each individual’s needs throughout their entire stay in our program.

Our students often face the following challenges:

  • Depression & Anxiety
  • Substance Dependence/Use
  • Gaming and Internet Addictions
  • Academic Frustration, Avoidance and Failure
  • Low Self Esteem and Poor Self Concept
  • Low Frustration Tolerance and Difficulty Delaying Gratification
  • Life Adjustment Problems
  • ADHD, Developmental Delays and Learning Difficulties
  • Identity Issues
  • Attachment and Adoption Issues
  • Social Challenges
  • Family Conflict
  • Grief and Loss

  • Sexual Acting Out

  • NLD and High Functioning Autism Spectrum Disorders

  • Trauma

We are happy to work with parents, home therapists and doctors to understand existing diagnoses for each student in our care. We provide clinical services and psychiatric assessment that, combined with your input and the student’s medical history, helps us to develop a clinically sophisticated and individualized therapy plan for your child and your family.

Exclusionary Criteria

While wilderness therapy is often recognized as one of the most effective treatment modalities for treating adolescent problems, there are characteristics and diagnoses that present challenges to safety and efficacy. Our exclusionary criteria are designed to ensure that your child receives effective treatment without compromise to health and safety.

  • Active suicide attempts
  • Psychotic symptoms
  • Acute / chronic violence outside the home
  • Medical conditions that may require emergency services during routine wilderness living, including:
  • Diabetes (insulin-dependent)
  • Allergies that may lead to anaphylactic shock
  • Significant obesity
  • Cardiac conditions or other organ dysfunctions that may lead to emergency care

Each case will be evaluated individually with consideration to the client’s experience and willingness, doctor recommendations, and the history and context of the above conditions. If you have any questions about how our program may serve your adolescent, please call our admissions team at 888-914-1050.

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