Authentic, Lasting Outcomes

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    Self-guided healing

    We set the tone, structure and location of the program— but the authentic, lasting change and growth our students choose to embark upon while they are here is in their own hands. We believe that when our students realize the control they have over choosing their values, beliefs and actions, they are better suited to grow and heal.

Ultimately, we seek to teach your child how to make decisions relating to their behaviors and interactions with others based on their own values and beliefs. We strive to enable your child to live purposefully and intentionally in recognition of the challenges they have faced without shame or guilt.

As time passes, individuals at Blue Ridge are able to decipher their commitments and choices through a values-oriented lens. Their motivation then blossoms from within, limiting reactionary patterns and leading to more thoughtful and self-driven responses to the obstacles that may arise in their lives.