Family Therapists

We're here for your whole family

We believe that the more work the whole family does, the more sustainable and meaningful the child's work will be. Family Therapists are one of the multiple support and guidance structures that we offer. Their goal is to provide space and support for parents to process and share their feelings, reflect upon family dynamics, and explore areas of growth.

Family Therapist Support

Weekly calls/ communication 

Our weekly hour-long calls are opportunities to connect, support, and learn. In these calls we integrate concepts from our Parent Pathway, discuss family patterns, explore communications styles and strategies, and practice emotional management. Our Family Therapists work in tandem with your child’s Primary Therapist to discuss topics relevant to what is happening with your child in the field. These support calls can help you thrive by offering tools, techniques, and insight into family systems and behaviors.

Weekly written correspondence between parent and child

Weekly letters are likely a new way of communicating between you and your child. This is intentional— research shows that slowing communication allows for new patterns of relating to and connecting with your child. Due to the physical separation and subsequent decrease in chronic anxiety, intentional and directive letter writing enables family members to communicate more deliberately and with less reactivity than historically might have occurred. Your Primary Therapist and Family Therapist will help coach you through these letters.

Self-Care Assignments

Your Family Therapist will assign you with self-care related tasks. We understand that, not only is it difficult to send your child away, but also that it has been challenging for a long time prior to your decision. Therapy and support groups are helpful, and writing and reading will allow you to go deeper into the process of healing. We believe it is vital for you to also take care of yourself during this time.

Parent Pathway

Our Family Team includes licensed clinicians with varying research interests. Through your access to the Parent Pathway, we will recommend resources and assignments relevant to our conversations.

Parents report increased levels of self-awareness and knowledge from engaging in these additional materials, which will remain available to you after your child leaves our program.

Sibling support as needed

We recognize that for many parents, there are other siblings involved in the family system. When appropriate, we will offer sibling support on our family calls. The work we do together has a direct impact on the family system. Often, parents report increased family emotional health with the siblings.

Weekly Readings

During your journey at Blue Ridge, your therapist will suggest various readings, books and other materials to dive into. Our Parent Pathway also contains a selection of these resources for you to choose from at any time, even after exiting our program.