Why do parents send their kids to wilderness therapy?

Wilderness Therapy can be an intensive therapeutic experience, an opportunity for a brief mental health reset, a chance to disconnect from unhelpful distractions at home, and an adventurous way to develop a deep-rooted sense of self esteem as well as positive relationships to oneself and others.

Each individual on the Blue Ridge Wilderness team understands how daunting it can be for parents to trust that they are making the right decision when enrolling their child in a residential treatment or wilderness therapy program. There is an incredible amount of trust needed to make the transition to higher therapeutic care as smooth as possible for clients. As a privately owned and owner-operated program, our team is able to take the time needed to carefully assess whether Blue Ridge Wilderness is the best fit for the families who reach out to us.

With 2 decades of experience under our belts, an outstanding safety record, and some of the most experienced wilderness therapists in the country, Blue Ridge Therapeutic Wilderness is able to provide the best, highly individualized treatment for teens, young adults and their families.

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