What will my child’s living situation be like?

Our clients' living situation while in the program may look different based upon the program they have enrolled in as well as their individual needs.

While young adults in Emerald Arrow have access to a base camp in North Carolina, our adolescent students typically camp, hike and backpack for the duration of their stay. In the Precision program, the living situation is more customized to the needs of the individual with whom we are working.

Regardless of the living situation, every client is provided with round-the-clock care and supervision provided by staff, as well as frequent visits from all levels of program leaders, medical professionals and therapists.

We provide all of the gear, food and essentials necessary to thrive in the wilderness camp setting. Initially, living in the wilderness can be intimidating for students—but eventually, the peaceful, distraction-free environment allows students to focus on their therapeutic work much more effectively and experientially than other more traditional clinical settings. Visit our Daily Life page for more information about the typical student experience, and our Health and Wellness page to learn more about our students’ diet, nutrition, mindfulness and physical activity.

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