What are the qualifications and roles of field instructors?

In order to become the lead of a Field Instructor staff team, the Instructor must accomplish an array of training milestones under the supervision of Senior Field Instructors, Field/Program Directors and Primary Therapists. Each Field Instructor team consists of fully CPR and First Aid certified staff members, with at least one of them holding a Wilderness First Responder certification to appropriately assess any medical situations in the field. All Field Instructors are at least 21, and some have even been students in our program before. New Field Instructors participate in a week long immersion training at a minimum and are mentored by senior staff throughout their employment. While the majority of our Field Instructors are college graduates, many also find us through their psychology or counseling endeavors and college programs.

As role models, Field Instructors backpack, sleep under tarps, and cook meals with the students while demonstrating healthy boundary-holding and communication skills. Field instructors lead therapeutic groups, back-country hikes, games and initiatives, and complete written reports of how each student is doing every week. Our dedicated staff are with students to witness and provide support during their most difficult moments as well as their biggest accomplishments.