Young Adult Therapy North Carolina

Discover Community, Purpose & adventure


Nature-based Adventure Therapy Programming for Young Adults ages 18-28

  • “I took a walk in the woods and came out taller than the trees.”
  • Henry David Thoreau

We combine expert clinical insight and individualized assessment with purpose-driven experiences.

In Emerald Arrow, you will discover infinite opportunities to embrace community, find purpose, and most importantly, to explore your life and yourself.

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Let the Adventure Begin

Young adults graduate from Emerald Arrow with the momentum they have often been missing in their adulthood. The structure of peaceful wilderness living in a community-focused environment, combined with exciting program offerings such as equine therapy, fly fishing, hiking, and more, helps students to get "unstuck", and access the strength and flexibility they need to thrive interdependently in relationships, school, work and beyond.

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Equine Therapy


Fly Fishing








Frisbee Golf


Receive World-Class Support

While in the program, you will be guided in exploring yourself, your family system, and your family's generational patterns.

With the support of your treatment team, you will be asked to look at the areas in your life which you may have avoided in the past.

Once you've dug in and explored your roots, you'll be equipped with the skills to move forward with confidence on the unique and bold path that is your life.

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Make Lifelong Connections

"I am still in contact with my friends from the woods. In fact, they are some of my best friends."

We aim to help young men and women (and their families!) grow and learn new skills in lasting, sustainable ways.

In addition to self growth and family healing, our amazing network of alumni students have formed lifelong friendships in the wilderness.

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Get Outside & unplug

There's no doubt that the amount of time young people spend with technology and social media is bringing them down. Recent research from the American Psychological Association shows that reducing time online leads to higher self confidence and improved mental functioning. Additionally, time in the wilderness is correlated with increased emotional and psychological growth.

We want young adults in our nature-based treatment programs to know: you are more powerful than the vices, devices or distractions which are holding you back in your life.

We invite you to unplug, take a breath, and spend some time on you.

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