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Savannah Edwards

Billing Specialist

Personal Approach

Savannah grew up in central Georgia and has always had a love for the outdoors. She started traveling to the Blue Ridge Mountains at a young age and that is what sparked her passion for the wild. As Family Case Manager, Savannah is the on-site person to receive families upon enrollment as well as assist with student discharges and family visitations. Savannah supports family and student communication by uploading student letters, photos and journals on a weekly basis. She is also involved with family workshops, which provides invaluable skills for families during their loved ones stay at Blue Ridge.

Personal Experience

Savannah’s love for the outdoors inspired her to attend college at Young Harris College where she studied Outdoor Education. Throughout her college years, she was able to complete a semester with NOLS and worked every summer as an outdoor guide in a variety of different states including Florida, Maine, and Alaska. After graduating in 2016, she chased her dreams out West to Colorado, Alaska, and Wyoming where she lived for the next few years. Savannah moved back East to complete a section hike of the Appalachian Trail and settled in Clayton. She spends her free time hiking, fishing, playing tennis, running, rafting, cooking, and adventuring with her German Shepherd, Cherokee.