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Jeff Scott, LPC

  • Primary Therapist
  • Adolescent Boys, Ages 13 – 18

"I have a deep connection to the transformative power of wilderness and I creatively use the wilderness experience to challenge teens to grow beyond their self-imposed limitations."

Personal Approach

I really value my ability to create a “safe” container with my adolescent boys, allowing the space for my students to feel emotionally safe as they work through trauma, fears and insecurities. I feel highly comfortable with “shadow” work and am adept at helping adolescent boys to reclaim power from their hidden and unclaimed selves. I rely on a strong intuitive sense and as opposed to being overly directive or prescriptive, I create a space where boys can be co-collaborators in their own healing journey. I employ metaphor, imagery, and mythology in my work, drawing from the belief that teens resonate with ancient stories, which place their own struggles into a much larger “Hero’s Journey”. I have a deep connection to the transformative power of wilderness and I creatively use the wilderness experience to challenge teens to grow beyond their self-imposed limitations. My therapeutic style is drawn from a combination of Object-Relations Theory and Developmental theory, and Depth Psychology. Most importantly though, I understand that a vital factor in assisting others is the quality of the therapeutic relationship.

I joined the Blue Ridge clinical team in 2003, which proudly makes me the longest tenured clinician at our wilderness therapy program. A fundamental guiding principle over the years is to provide the highest level of treatment to our students and families. I have played an instrumental role in hiring and training new therapists and I have been very proud of the caliber of talent that we have attracted over the years. I have a deep loyalty to this program and the folks that work here. As the wilderness industry shifts and changes I have also been a strong advocate for the healing power of a pure, nomadic wilderness experience. I have been concerned that the changes within our industry have marginalized wilderness to other activities.

Clinical Expertise

I am particularly skilled at understanding adolescent boys struggling with anxiety in its various forms, such as school refusal, social anxiety and performance anxiety. I connect well with boys who may seem lost and who are experiencing challenges as they try to find their place in their world. Many of these boys struggle to build healthy and vital connections with others. They are often experiencing a deep sense of shame and a general feeling of inadequacy, which leads them to go inward; they withdraw and isolate from their world and its challenges. These are the boys who often struggle quietly and secretly, internalizing their anger, fear and shame. Many are deeply enmeshed with their parents and are struggling to build an authentic sense of self as they transition to young adulthood. I also work well with adolescent boys with sexual identity issues as well as those who have been wounded by sexual trauma. I have extensive experience in treating adoption and attachment issues, grief and loss, substance abuse and processing and learning issues, as well as ADHD.

Personal Interests

I am a native Floridian and I lived in Samoa and Utah, working at various treatment programs, before finally settling in Asheville, NC. I have always felt drawn to our field area in the Blue Ridge mountains as I was lucky to visit often as a kid. Working as a therapist in the Blue Ridge Mountains feels like coming home, to me. I consider myself a “seeker” and since childhood, I’ve been entranced by the larger mysteries of creation, our own lives, and our place in the cosmos. This wanderlust has guided me to an interest in mythology, wilderness, and spirituality. Twelve years ago I gave up the nomadic life and became grounded in family. I love being a father to two very energetic boys who teach me more about myself and my “growth areas” than any psychology ever could! I love to explore wilderness by ski, foot, and bike but I most enjoy the stillness of the woods and the opportunities for reflection and contemplation. I have recently discovered a talent in music that I never knew I had, and I am studying the charango, flute, and drum. I do my best to embrace life as sacred and lives with a sense of gratitude and wonder, accepting myself for who I am, as I share my gifts and passions with others.


  • Master of Mental Health Counseling, University of Florida
  • Bachelor of Arts, Psychology, University of Florida