What is Wilderness Therapy?

Nature-based Mental Health Programs for Teens and Young Adults


Getting back on track in nature

Wilderness therapy, often known as outdoor behavioral healthcare, stands as a novel approach to addressing mental health and behavioral concerns. This method seamlessly blends evidence-based, trauma-informed practices with relational therapeutic techniques and experiential education in the distinctive context of a wilderness treatment center.

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New perspectives and skills

What sets the best wilderness therapy programs apart from other similar interventions, such as therapeutic boarding schools or residential treatment centers, is their unique natural setting. In these exceptional wilderness environments, participants gain a fresh perspective, a crucial element for shedding unproductive beliefs and maladaptive behaviors in favor of adopting a growth-oriented mindset and healthier coping mechanisms.

"We had never sought therapy before or engaged in any of these very valuable therapeutic activities... I believe we hit the therapist jackpot with our primary therapist and our family therapist as well. I feel more grounded, more capable, stronger emotionally, and truly hopeful. I tear up every time I think about our son being there, how brave yet vulnerable he was, what he did and learned there"

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Therapeutic Adventure Programming

Enrolling in a therapeutic wilderness program offers troubled youth grappling with mental and behavioral health issues a much-needed respite from the stressors, challenges, and distractions they often face at home and in school. Instead, these programs create a structured peer-based social environment where students can develop robust relationships, enhance their communication skills, all while collaborating with licensed mental health professionals to foster psychological, behavioral, and emotional growth.

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