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Personal Approach

Dani arrived at Blue Ridge in the summer of 2020. In her role, she worked to bring fun and lightness to the students while holding them to high standards and emphasizing safety. She believes in trusting the transformative powers of nature to provide a space for powerful change within students and staff.

As the Recruiter, Dani facilitates outreach and interviews for potential field staff. She is also the lead instructor for Blue Ridge's in-field experiential trainings. She has a passion for this work and hopes to share opportunities for growth with the next generation of field staff.

Personal Interests

Dani was born and raised in Clearwater, FL. Before coming to Blue Ridge, she received a B.S. in Biology at University of Central Florida, after which she ventured to Australia to backpack and research dolphins for work. She then worked as a manatee biologist with Florida Fish and Wildlife, where she participated in rescuing sick and injured animals. Later, she learned the ins and outs of outdoor living during her time spent hiking, working on farms, and planting native trees in New Zealand.

Milo, the field dog, is always at her side. He's always ready to splash in a creek, snuggle, and take naps in the sun while snoring.

Dani enjoys dancing, reading, painting with watercolors, live music, and cooking.

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